Thank you for your interest in Nettie Davis Elementary School. The teachers and staff of Nettie Davis are dedicated to instructing and preparing our students to be responsible citizens. We are committed to providing the students who attend our school the very best educational experiences possible.

Our students at Nettie Davis are truly the best and deserve an outstanding education. For children to receive the education they are entitled, they must come to school, everyday, prepared to participate in learning, follow school rules, and contribute to the learning environment. We also expect our students to read at home every night.

We believe that student success is increased when the school and the parents work together. Therefore, we encourage our parents and guardians to be active partners in the school, ensuring the success of their children. The doors at Nettie Davis are always open for parents to volunteer in their child’s classroom. Parents are also welcome to visit the office for help with any questions or concerns about their child’s education. The teachers and staff look forward to an enriching and fulfilling year of working with our students and parents.

Heather Gerth