Unit 9 Mandated Testing Plan and Procedures

Governor JB Pritzker announced on Thursday, August 26, 2021, all school personnel will be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or participate in a minimum of weekly COVID testing. You can view the executive order below for more information.

The following plan will be put into place for all Unit 9 employees.   

UPDATED: 1/21/2022

Vaccination Status

  • Proof of Vaccination: Please provide proof of vaccination to your building administrator or supervisor.
    Your proof of vaccination will be confidential and should be given to your administrator only.

  • Nurse Verification: The school nurse will then verify your vaccination. In the event you have lost your vaccination card, contact the school nurse, and she can provide proof by checking the iCARES system.

  • Obtaining Vaccinated Status: If you have not received the vaccination shots, vaccines are readily available throughout our community including neighborhood pharmacies , the health department and doctor’s offices. To find a vaccine location, go to vaccines.gov. Anyone in the process of receiving vaccination status will not be required to test weekly, provided you show proof of your vaccination card.

  • Unvaccinated or No Proof: If you are not vaccinated or have not provided proof of vaccination, you will automatically be added to weekly COVID testing procedures.

  • Medical Contradiction or Religious Exemption: If you have a documented medical contradiction or religious exemption to the vaccination, you will follow the same weekly testing schedule as all unvaccinated employees.

  • Substitute Staff:

     Substitute teachers and volunteers can also be tested in this testing process.  

Who has to test?

If you are fully vaccinated and boosted, you are not required to test weekly.

If you are fully vaccinated but not boosted, you are not required to test weekly. 

If you are in the process of being vaccinated, you are not required to test weekly. You must show documentation of being in the process by providing a copy of your vaccination card to your building administrator. 

If you are not vaccinated, you will be required to test weekly.


  • Vaccination documentation handed in to your administrator by January 26, 2022.

  • Weekly Testing changes to the last day of the week we are in session (Friday).

  • Test Results are received that day through the home test. Anyone testing positive will also be asked to take a Unit 9 approved PCR provided test. 

  • Testing will repeat every Friday at the Unit Office from 3:00 to 5:00.

Onsite Testing

Anyone required to test weekly is being offered on-site testing .  Testing will be each Friday from 3-5pm at the Unit office building.

Please watch the video below.

This is not the company we are working with and only a demonstration of the process. 

Special Circumstances:

Anyone who chooses not to test through this process is responsible to test on their own and have results given to each building administrator by the last day of the week. 

  • Special circumstances for employees involved in school related activities will be dealt with on an individual basis for testing alternatives on each Tuesday. 

  • If you are involved in an afterschool program that will not allow you to come during the testing window, please contact your administrator to work on a solution.


Who will be administering the test? The test is self-administered. Either the nurse or a Unit 9 employee will witness the test and help in labeling samples if needed.

How long will it take to get the results? 15-30 minutes. 

What happens if I can’t test on a Friday? Work with your administrator to troubleshoot the situation. If you cannot come up with a solution, you will have to test on your own and hand in the results by the last day of the week. 

What will it cost? There is no cost to the employee. 

What will happen if I test positive? You will begin quarantine and contact tracing protocol. You will then be asked to take a Unit 9 approved PCR provided test or provide a PCR approved test on your own. Failure to do so will result in continuation of weekly testing without a 90 exemption. 

If I test positive, will I have to test again at a local clinic for verification? If you do not take a Unit 9 approved PCR provided test also, yes. By taking the Unit 9 approved PCR provided test, you will receive the 90 exemption from testing moving forward. This is a PCR test. If you choose to not do the Unit 9 approved PCR provided test, you are responsible for providing documentation on your own and will have to keep testing weekly until doing so. 

If I test positive and contact tracing information is needed, what information should I be thinking about? You will be asked to go back 48 hours from the test.

What if I don’t have insurance? There is no cost to test. 

What if my insurance is different from the school group? The form asks for your insurance information. Please provide your insurance individual ID and group number.

If I test positive, do I have to take the Unit 9 approved PCR provided test? No, but you will then be required to test weekly instead of being placed on the 90 day exemption list. You may also choose to get tested on your own instead of using the Unit 9 provided test. Either way, documentation must be provided to receive the 90 day exemption.

I was testing in the morning and don’t see that as an option. Can I still test in the mornings? Yes, you can. Keep in mind that if you test positive in the morning, quarantine protocol will begin.