Iroquois County CUSD 9 has an approved E-Learning plan that can be viewed here:

E-Learning Plan

If the weather is bad or there is a need to close school, the district will utilize an e-learning day that will not be made up at the end of the year. Please find helpful information regarding how your child will attend school virtually on an e-learning day.

Watseka Elementary Parent Letter

Select your child's grade for e-learning assignments

ECE & PRE-K For All







All K-5th Grade students

On an e-learning day, this website will be updated to show what assignments are given for each grade level. In the event we utilize more than one e-learning day, students will need to continue checking the website for their updated assignments.  All assignment pages will be updated by 8:30am on an e-learning day.

K-3rd Grade Students 

Clever badges are used to access their online learning. There is a badge included in their snow folder. 

There are several ways to access Clever:

School Website

  • Click the Clever image on the left-hand side of the page and then choose to sign in with a badge. You will have to enable your camera to scan your child’s badge. 

E-Learning Student Expectations:

  • All students will keep their snow folder in their book bag.

  • All students will visit the e-learning website to view their assignments.

  • All students will complete the assignments for the day prior to returning to in person learning. 

  • If there is a technical issue with a device or internet connection, students/parents will fill out the technology help form and ask for assistance. This is available between 7:30am-3:30 pm. 

E-Learning Teacher Expectations: 

  • Teachers will keep the assignment sheet update for the website. 

  • Teachers will be available via email and can make phone calls during the hours 8:30am-3:30pm. 

  • Teachers will monitor student progress throughout the day and answer questions.

  • All e-learning assignments will be graded and put into the grade book in a timely manner. 

If students do not complete their e-learning assignments, they will miss other incentive activities to finish their missing assignments. Please see your grade level teacher for specific expectations for making up e-learning work.