Attendance Procedures—General

As educators, we know that when a child misses a significant number of days from school, that child's education suffers accordingly. To help your child do his/her best in school, we encourage you to do everything in your power to promote good school attendance.

Please call your student's school to report an absense BEFORE 9:00a.m. If no parent contact is made, the absence is considered unexcused.

Medical Absences require a note from the doctor. If a student is absent 3 days or more, a drs note is required or the absence is unexcused.

An automated text message is sent to the parent/guardian if a student is marked absent during first hour. If you already called your student in, please disregard the text message.

Contact the School to Report a Student Absent

Wanda Kendall (PreK-K)

(815) 432-2112

Glenn Raymond School (1st-5th)

(815) 432-4581

Watseka Junior High (6th-8th)

(815) 432-2115

Watseka High School (9th-12th)

(815) 432-2486