On Wednesday, April 19th “The Animal Guy” Bob Tarter presented “Desert Adaptations,” a program about creatures with amazing abilities to thrive in harsh and hot climates around the world. Each of the animals display special skills and physical features that allow them to survive on unique prey, little water, and very few resources. The exhibit included a baby Red Kangaroo, Gila Monster, Harris Hawk, Prairie Dog, and an Egyptian Uromastyx. The two animals pictured above are the Egyptian Uromastyx and the baby Red Kangaroo. The program was funded for Nettie Davis Elementary and Wanda Kendall School by the Unit #9 Academic Foundation.


Mission Statement
The mission of the Unit 9 Academic Foundation is to inspire excellence and enrich academic opportunities by creatively generating support for Unit 9 students.

We envision that the Unit 9 Academic Foundation will support those activities that focus on inspiration and encourage student learning:

  • Encourage K-12 students to perform academically to their highest level

  • Encourage teachers to create new avenues to elevate student learning

  • Enrich various academic areas to meet specific needs

  • Expand the integration and upgrading of technology

  • Expand avenues of funding to provide financial support to meet educational needs

  • Enhance community and alumni awareness of Unit 9 schools and student activities

Since its incorporation in 1993, the non-profit, tax-exempt Unit 9 Academic Foundation has endeavored to provide funds beyond the normal operating budget for educational enrichment programs and equipment for students in the district. Funds are raised by generous donations from individuals, businesses, organizations, clubs, financial institutions and alumni. Local trusts also contribute to a portion of the monies raised each year. To date, the Foundation has contributed over $400,000 to benefit a variety of projects within Unit 9. The Foundation Board of Directors is made up of members of the community. Board members meet monthly and serve to make decisions regarding the raising, management and expenditure of funds with the Board of Education's concurrence.


Academic Foundation Pride Night
The academic achievements of Unit 9 students, grades 4-12, are recognized at this event. Community members are encouraged to attend to honor student efforts and bid on auction items to benefit the Foundation.

Memorial Gifts
Honor someone special who has passed away by making a donation in his/her name.

Tribute and Graduation Gifts
Honor someone special on his/her birthday, anniversary or graduation by making a gift.

One-Time Donations
Donations are accepted throughout the year. Checks can be made payable to Unit 9 Academic Foundation and sent to:

Unit 9 Academic Foundation
1411 W. Lafayette Street
Watseka, IL 60970

Planned Giving
Planning today can provide future opportunities for students. Planned giving includes endowments, trusts, wills, retirement funds, life insurance, etc.

Class Gift
Many alumni have made a contribution on behalf of their graduating classmates.

All gifts are appropriately recognized and are tax deductible.

Click here for a donation form.


We are proud to support the Unit 9 school district. Scroll down to see some of the things that we have sponsored in the Unit 9 district.