Unit 9 PTO Board

Ellen Schlotman, President


Unit 9 Administration

Watseka Elementary Administration

Kevin Mikuce, GRS Principal

Travis Findlay, WK Kindergarten Principal

Carolyn Short, WK Pre-School Principal

PTO Provides Funding for the following student activities:

  • Field Trips for PreK-4 students

  • Incentives for student good behavior and attendance

  • Christmas Stations

  • End of year Field Days

  • Music performances 

  • Supplies for teachers to use in the classroom

    Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Parent Teacher Conferences: PTO provides supper for teachers and staff who are at school until 8:00 PM.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Watch for more information about fundraising.

  • (email our PTO Leaders at pto@watsekaschools.org  for more information)