Stay tuned for an updated 2021-2022 schedule

Parents/guardians or anyone else interested is encouraged to attend our PTO meetings. Unit 9 PTO supports PreK through 4th grades.  


2019- 2020 LEADERS

  • PTO Administrative Team:   Sarah Chaney & Stephanie Feller

  • (email

  • Watseka Elementary Administration:

    • Jessica Heldt, Principal

    • Kevin Mikuce, Assistant Principal

PTO Provides Funding for the following student activities:

  • Field Trips for PreK-4 students

  • Incentives for student good behavior and attendance

  • Christmas Stations

  • End of year Field Days

  • Music performances 

  • Supplies for teachers to use in the classroom

Volunteer Opportunities 
(email our PTO Leaders at or contact your child's school for more information)

  • Parent Teacher Conferences: PTO provides supper for teachers and staff who are at school until 8:00 PM.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Watch for more information about fundraising.

General Mills Box Top program: 
  Download the new Box Tops app on your smartphone.  You must search for and choose "Wanda Kendall".  We could only list one school but all proceeds benefit all Unit 9 elementary schools.  Once the app is installed you simply scan your receipts and all Box Top funds found will earn cash for our Unit 9 PTO.

2019 Little Caesar's Fundraiser (and donations) earned the PTO $4,067.00.  Thank you to everyone who sold pizza kids and helped with the distribution.