Free and Reduced Lunch

 Families who are receiving SNAP or TANF benefits should NOT fill out a meal application.  You are approved for free lunch based on your SNAP or TANF benefits.  Families who are not receiving SNAP or TANF benefits and wish to be considered for free lunch will have to submit a Free and Reduced Meal Application along with a Fee Waiver Form.  Please note:  qualification for free meals through the application process does not mean automatic qualification for waiver of fees.  This process is separate from the meal application process.  The Fee Waiver form is available at any of our school buildings and must be submitted with proof of income by Mrs. Clifton, Cafeteria Director, for approval.  It is recommended that this be submitted at the start of the school year as approval for waiver of fees is effective based on the date of form submission.  If you are filling out a Waiver of Fees, we ask that you also fill out the Free and Reduced Meal Application Form.